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O Ilhéu de Contenda - The Island of Contenta

Leão Lopes – 1995

Cape Verde, 1964. At the feet of a mighty volcano, the traditional Cape Verdean society is undergoing a steady change. The old land-owning aristocracy is disintegrating. A class of “mulattos” begins to emerge, with a trade-based financial power that threatens the landlords. A new identity arises, a mix of old and new, of African and Portuguese culture, sensual and dynamic. The songs of Cesária Évora follow this inevitable transformation.From the novel by Henrique Teixeira de Sousa. Weiter

Alma ta Fika

Joåo Sodré – 1989

In creole, “May the Soul remain”.The soul is the music of Cape Verde, the extraordinarily rich and varied music of these seven islands lost in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Against the constant droughts the people have fought back by inventing and mixing all sorts of music, popular and erudite. For the first time this documentary follows this story. We can listen to the morna, the caladeira, the batuque, the funaná, played in the most beautiful sceneries you can dream of. Weiter

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