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  • El boton de nacar
    Patricio Guzmán 82 min
    Chile CC d & f
  • Ken Bugul
    Silvia Voser 62 min
    Senegal CC d, e, f
  • Yaaba
    Idrissa Ouedraogo 91 min
    Burkina Faso CC d/f/i/e
  • Eduardo Falú
    O. Arno Oehri 82 min
    Argentina CC d & f & e
  • Ecuador
    Jacques Sarasin 76 min
    Ecuador CC d, f, e, es
  • Pizza Bethlehem
    Bruno Moll 90 min
    Switzerland CC d & f & e

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BODY, IXCANUL and EL BOTON DE NACAR win awards at the Berlinale 2015 More


Jordan filmmaker Naji Abu Nowar receives Awarc for Best Director for his first feature film THEEB. More


The trigon-film foundation celebrates its 25th anniversary More


trigon-film is a label that unites more than 200 wonderful titles of outstanding movies on DVD, all in original versions, several of them with english subtitles. More


The motion picture has been the medium of the 20th century, the movie house the place where dreams can become true. It is here that there is a particularly intensive and indelible transmission of realities, be they readyfound or fabricated. The film is a global form of communication, moving pictures convey moving stories to all corners of the world. And this continues to be so at the beginning of the 21st century. More


With the help of the new Swiss "visions sud est" Fund, film producers from countries in the South and East are to receive production and promotional support for their film projects. More


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