Burkina Faso

 2005  Ouaga Saga

 2005  Delwende

 2004  Moi et mon blanc

 2001  Sia - le rêve du python

 2001  Amílcar Cabral

 1993  Sankofa

 1992  Samba Traoré

 1991  Laafi - Tout va bien

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Order by Year Title Director
Ouaga Saga (Flyer)

Ouaga Saga

In the capital of Burkina Faso, a band of young people tries to survive and thrive vis-a-vis the thousand and one temptations. Adventures of a band of youngsters, living in a stripped district of Ouagadougou, who seek hopes. The easy way and ingeniousness compensate for the money which often is lacking. Sadness is banished of a resolutely optimistic way of life. Plunders and odd jobs constitute the daily newspaper of this struggle for life. The ones will succeed modestly, the others will fail more or less, but a great solidarity of group remains... More

Ouaga Saga DVD

Ouaga Saga
CHF 21.00 / EUR 19.00

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Delwende (Flyer)


This mother-daughter tale focuses on the injustice of some traditional African practices and women’s struggle for equality. A small village in Burkino Faso is devastated by the sudden death of many of its children. Fearing the worst, Diarrha sends his daughter Pougbila to get married in another village despite the objections of his wife Napoko. She learns that their daughter has been raped, possibly by her own husband and therefore she accepts the arranged marriage despite her own reservations. More

Delwende DVD

CHF 19.00 / EUR 17.00

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Moi et mon blanc (Flyer)

Moi et mon blanc

Mamadi is struggling to complete a doctorate at a Parisian university after the government of his country has stopped paying his scholarship. Thanks to his acquaintances in the African community, he finds a job as night watchman in an underground car park. There, a French colleague, Franck, helps the friendly African academic getting around. However, the car park is also a meeting point for dubious characters, and when Mamadi accidentally wrecks a drug trafficking operation, Franck is really hard-pressed to put his pal and himself out of harm's way. Wouldn't Mamadi's home country be the ideal place to escape the gangsters' wrath? More

Moi et mon blanc DVD

Moi et mon blanc
CHF 15.00 / EUR 13.00

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Amílcar Cabral

Amílcar Cabral was born in Guinea Bissau in 1924 and assassinated in Conakry in 1973. He was the leader of the Liberation Movement of Cape Verde and Guinea-Bissau and founded the African Party for the Independence of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde (PAIGC). He is regarded as an icon of African history.This documentary depicts the revolutionary giant from Cape Verde in several dimensions: as a man, as a father, as a politician, as a humanist and as a poet. More

Sankofa (Flyer)


Powerful, moving and highly acclaimed, director Haile Gerima’s Sankofa is a masterpiece of cinema that has had a transformative impact on audiences since its release in 1993.  This empowering film tells a story of slavery and of the African Diaspora from the perspective of the enslaved, challenging the romanticizing of slavery prevalent in American culture. Sankofa was developed from 20 years of research into the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the experiences of African slaves in the New World. More

Tilaï - The Law (Flyer)

Tilaï - The Law

Saga revient au village après deux ans d'absence et n'accepte pas le remariage de son père avec sa fiancée Nogma qu'il aime toujours. Transgressant les lois, Saga revoit Nogma en cachette. Ils font l'amour... ce qui est considéré comme un inceste puisque Nogma est la deuxième femme de son père. Saga est alors obligé de fuir. More

Yaaba (Flyer)


Ten year old Bila and his cousin Nopoko live happily in their Sahelian village. Bila is taken with an elderly woman, Sana, whom he calls «Yaaba», although the rest of the village treats her as a witch. One day, Nopoko falls ill with tetanus; her condition worsens. Nobody in the village, not even the healer, can help her – except, perhaps, Sana. Yaaba is one of Idrissa Ouedraogo’s major works and typical for his approach: “My Africa is not only about masks, dances More

Zan Boko (Flyer)

Zan Boko

Gaston Kaboré’s movie «Zan Boko explores the conflict between tradition and modernity with a family in a rural contexr. It has been for long time a central theme in many African films. Kaboré tells the poignant story of a village family swept up in the current tide of urbanization. In doing so, «Zan Boko» expertly reveals the transformation of an agrarian, subsistence society into an industrialized commodity economy. More

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