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Thèbes à l'ombre de la tombe

Thèbes à l'ombre de la tombe (2008)

A poetical and musical evocation Western Thebes spreads out on the left bank of the Nile, in Louxor, Upper Egypt. It is there where ancient Thebes along with its traditional life collides with the modern world: They cross and overlap. In the shadow of the pharaonic tombs, next to the famous "Valley of Kings" and the big grave temples swings the daily life of the villages in the mysterious rhythm of their beauty. More

Thèbes - à l'ombre de la tombe DVD

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Dunia - Kiss Me Not on the Eyes

Dunia - Kiss Me Not on the Eyes (2006)

After studying literature at Cairo University, Dunia, 23 years old, wants to become a professional dancer. She attends audition for an oriental dance contest where she recites Arabian poetry without any body movement. She explains to the perplexed jury that a woman can't move her body or evoke act of love when society ask women to hide their femininity. She is selected and meets Beshir, an intellectual and activist who will supervise her thesis on ecstasy in Sufi love poetry. More

Dunia - Kiss Me Not on the Eyes DVD

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Mendiants et orgueilleux - Chahatine wa noubala'a

Mendiants et orgueilleux - Chahatine wa noubala'a (1991)

Gohar is fifty years old and teaches history and philosophy at university. One day he decides to leave this place and to live as a beggar, just like his friend, a poet, who owns nothing and wants nothing and as such feels absolutely free. All he needs is a little bit of hash as well as some peace of mind. In a moment when he has neither of that he strangles a prostitute without any real reason. Nour el Din, who is commissioned to investigate the case, is groping in the dark with the solution of the murder. More

Al Ard - La terre

Al Ard - La terre (1969)

Youssef Chahine’s adaptation of Marxist writer Abd al-Rahman al-Sharqawi’s 1953 novel, set in the 1930s, is an epic chronicle of life in a rural Egyptian village. The main plot concerns the unsuccessful attempts of the villagers to retain their access to water. Told that they can only irrigate their land a few days a month, several of the villagers are arrested for overwatering. Although the outside threat originally seems to unite the villagers, divisions resurface, and one of them is bought off by the local bey, representative of the ruling class in general. More

The Land - Al-ard DVD

The Land
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