2016  A Dragon Arrives!

 2013  Fish and Cat

 2012  Modest Reception - Paziraie Sadeh

 2012  Une famille respectable

 2011  A Separation

 2010  The Hunter - Shekarchi

 2009  Frontier Blues

 2009  About Elly - Darbareye Elly

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Order by Year Title Director
A Dragon Arrives! (Flyer)

A Dragon Arrives!

An orange Chevrolet Impala drives across a cemetery towards an abandoned shipwreck in the middle of a desert landscape. It is the 22nd of January, 1965. The day before, the Iranian prime minister was shot dead in front of the parliament building. Inside the wreck, a banished political prisoner has hung himself. The walls are covered in diary entries, literary quotes and strange symbols. Can they help Police Inspector Babak Hafizi in his investigations? Will they shed any light on why there is More

Fish and Cat (Flyer)

Fish and Cat

A group of students decides to camp on a desolate Caspian region which runs a competition of kite flying during the winter solstice. Not far from the camp, live Babak and Saeed, two grim cooks. Armed with sharp knives, they roam the forest in search of meat to serve the decrepit restaurant they run nearby. The second feature film by Shahram Mokri (premiered in Venice), “Fish & Cat” is inspired by the true story of a restaurant that served human flesh and its aesthetic proposal More

Modest Reception - Paziraie Sadeh (Flyer)

Modest Reception - Paziraie Sadeh

Leyla and Kaveh are the instruments of a cruel and bizarre game. The well-situated couple drive through the mountains distributing plastic bags full of money to every poor and unfortunate person they meet. At first everything goes according to plan as they disdainfully “share the joy” with their shocked “neighbors” while documenting the event via cellphone. They encounter those, however, who refuse the strange gift – and others who end up offending the irresponsible strangers. More

Une famille respectable (Flyer)

Une famille respectable

Arash est un universitaire iranien qui vit en occident. Il retourne donner des cours à Chiraz où vit sa mère, loin de Téhéran. Entraîné dans un tourbillon d’intrigues familiales et financières, il replonge dans les heures difficiles de son enfance au début de la guerre Irak-Iran en 1981. Suite à la mort de son père et découvrant ce qu'est devenue sa « famille respectable », il est contraint à faire des choix. More

A Separation (Flyer)

A Separation

Simin wants to leave Iran with her husband Nader and daughter Termeh. She has already made all the necessary arrangements. Nader, however, is having second thoughts. He is worried about leaving behind his father, who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. For this reason he decides to call off the trip altogether. As a result of Nader’s decision, Simin decides to sue for divorce at the family court. When her request is rejected, however, she refuses to live with Nader, moving instead into her parents’ home. More

The Hunter - Shekarchi (Flyer)

The Hunter - Shekarchi

Recently released from prison, Ali makes the most of his return, amidst much talk of the upcoming elections and promises of change. Despite working nights, he tries to spend the most time possible with his beautiful wife and young daughter. To escape the stress of urban living, Ali retreats to his favorite pastime of hunting in the secluded forest north of town. Tragedy strikes and Ali's wife Sara is accidentally killed in a police shoot-out with demonstrators. After a long and frustrating experience at the police station, Ali's own search for his missing six-year-old daughter ends in horror and pushes him over the edge. More

The Hunter - Shekarchi DVD

The Hunter
CHF 19.00 / EUR 17.00

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Frontier Blues (Flyer)

Frontier Blues

Hassan vit seul avec son oncle et un âne. Alam travaille dans un élevage de poulet, les oreilles perpétuellement collées à des écouteurs pour ses leçonsd’anglais. Il rêve de partir à Bakou avec Ana. Un photographe emmène un musicien pour faire des portraits des traditions de Golestan, où vit tout ce joli monde, non loin de la Caspienne et du Turkménistan. Babak Jalali est retourné saisir le pouls de sa bourgade natale. More

About Elly - Darbareye Elly (Flyer)

About Elly - Darbareye Elly

After having spent many years in Germany, Ahmad returns to his native Iran for a holiday. His friends from his student days organise a three-day breakon the Caspian Sea. One of the party, a fun-loving woman named Sepideh takes the matter in hand. Unbeknown to the rest of the group, she has alsoinvited a young woman named Elly, who is a nursery school teacher at her daughter’s kindergarten. Ahmad has just emerged from an unhappy marriage and is now divorced from his German wife. More

About Elly - Darbareye Elly DVD

About Elly
CHF 23.00 / EUR 21.00

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The Legend of Love - Tcherike-ye Hooram - Afsaneh- (Flyer)
The Legend of Love -Tcherike-ye Hooram DVD

The Legend of Love -Tcherike-ye...
CHF 19.00 / EUR 16.00

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Djomeh (Flyer)
Djomeh DVD

CHF 21.00 / EUR 19.00

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Et la vie continue - Zendegi edamé dârad (Flyer)

Et la vie continue - Zendegi edamé dârad

Together with his young son a father heads off for an inimitable quest: By car they drive through the nightmarish chaos of the erathquake catastrophe from 1990. The destruction demanded over 50'000 deaths, entire villages were razed to the ground. People report how they were suddenly faced with the catastrophe, standing in front of nothing, having lost their entire families with over thirty relatives. But still the film is not a report of terror. More

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