2004  Okhotnik - The Hunter

 2003  Les petites gens - Malen'kje Ljudi

 1999  Marat, tueur à gages

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Films by Serik Aprimov
Okhotnik - The Hunter (Flyer)

Okhotnik - The Hunter

The centre stage of this story there is a boy who is ill-famed as the child of a wolf and is said to be frosty, along with his seductive mother and a hunter and shaman. After the boy has made an attack, he starts for an initiation journey, together with his mother and the hunter, who's also her lover. During the trip, which is nestled in the nature of the Kazakh mountain scenery, the hunter tries to inseminate his vitality and his insights to the boy by bringing him near the beauty of nature and letting him discover friendship and death. More

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Marat, tueur à gages (Flyer)
Marat, tueur à gages - Bérgyilkos DVD

Marat, tueur à gages
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