Abu Sayeed

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Movies by Abu Sayeed in Collection:

The Flute - Banshi (Flyer)

The Flute - Banshi (2007)

This film is about the dream and imagination of a would-be filmmaker. The story depicts how he, with his innocent look, views the rural Bangladesh society and how that innocence gets shattered. This protagonist, Arif, a young man with dreams of making films, goes to a village far from the capital city Dhaka to visit a fair. More

Shankhonad (Flyer)

Shankhonad (2005)

After more than 27 years of absence Chand returns to his birthplace in a stormy night. When he was still a child his parents were killed and the murderer seized his fields. Without exposing his real identity he meets the people that characterised his childhood: the sorceress Kunjuburi, his friend Fazlu and the son of his parent's murderer, Mannaf Khan. More