Asma El Bakri

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Mendiants et orgueilleux - Chahatine wa noubala'a (Flyer)

Mendiants et orgueilleux - Chahatine wa noubala'a

Gohar is fifty years old and teaches history and philosophy at university. One day he decides to leave this place and to live as a beggar, just like his friend, a poet, who owns nothing and wants nothing and as such feels absolutely free. All he needs is a little bit of hash as well as some peace of mind. In a moment when he has neither of that he strangles a prostitute without any real reason. Nour el Din, who is commissioned to investigate the case, is groping in the dark with the solution of the murder. He is fascinated by Gohar, an educated man who doesn't fit with this criminal milieu at all. As Gohar confesses to his deed, Nour el Din can't understand the world any longer. More

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