Brillante Mendoza

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Movies by Brillante Mendoza in Collection:

Captive (Flyer)

Captive (2011)

A group of armed and masked men belonging to the Muslim Abu Sayyaf group burst into a hotel on an island resort and kidnap twelve foreign guests. The attack was intended to target employees of the World Bank, but they have already left the resort. More

Lola (Flyer)

Lola (2009)

In Tagalog, the language of the Philippines, Lola means grandmother. We are shown two grandmothers, one whose grandson is lying in the morgue, and the other who is visiting hers in prison because he is accused of killing him. We see two grandmothers in pain, one preparing a funeral, the other trying to get an alleged offender out of prison. More

Lola - Grandmother DVD

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trigon-film edition 25: Asia DVD

trigon-film edition 25: Asia
CHF 36.00 / EUR 29.00

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