Carlos Sorin

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Movies by Carlos Sorin in Collection:

Bombón - el perro (Flyer)

Bombón - el perro (2004)

Life is no bed of roses for 52-year-old Juan "Coco" Villegas. He, who has been a gas station attendant for twenty years in Patagonia, finds himself jobless overnight. He first tries to survive by selling knives of his own making. More

Bombón - the dog DVD

CHF 23.00 / EUR 19.00

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Historias minimas (Flyer)

Historias minimas (2002)

Don Justo hands over the running of his grocery store to his overbearing son and daughter-in-law and escapes to search for his lost dog Badface. Roberto is a love-struck obsessive-compulsive traveling salesman who drives to San Julián to surprise one of his clients by bringing a cake for her son's birthday. More

Little Stories - Historias mínimas DVD

Little Stories
CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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