Faouzi Bensaidi

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Born in Meknes, Faouzi Bensaidi now spends his time between Paris and Casablanca. After studying at the Rabat Institute of Dramatic Art, he staged a number of plays. In 1995, he trained as an actor at the Paris National Higher Academy of Dramatic Art and, in 1997, directed his first short film, entitled THE CLIFF which has won 23 prizes in festivals in France and abroad. In 1999, he co-wrote the script for André Téchiné’s new film, LOIN. In 2000, he directed two short films, THE WALL, a prize-winner at the Cannes Festival, and THE RAIN LINE, a prize-winner at the Venice Festival.


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FILMOGRAFIE 1998 LA FALAISE (THE CLIFF), Kurzfilm · 2000 LE MUR (THE WALL), Kurzfilm · TRAJETS (THE RAIN LINE), Kurzfilm ·

Movies by Faouzi Bensaidi in Collection:

Death for Sale (Flyer)

Death for Sale (2011)

Three friends strive to preserve their loyalty to each other in spite of a corrupt society. These young men live in Tétouan, an impoverished Moroccan city. Soufiane, the youngest, spends his days pilfering. More

Death for Sale DVD

Death for Sale
CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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WWW - What a Wonderful World (Flyer)

WWW - What a Wonderful World (2006)

Casablanca is not only a legendary film from Hollywoood, it is also a real existing city of contrast, modern and archaic at once. Kamel, is a hired killer, who recieves his orders by internet. He usually calls Souad to make love after his hits and, each time, Kenza answers the phone. More

WWW - What A Wonderful World DVD

CHF 23.00 / EUR 19.00

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trigon-film edition 25: Maghreb DVD

trigon-film edition 25: Maghreb
CHF 36.00 / EUR 29.00

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Mille mois - Alf Chahr (Flyer)

Mille mois - Alf Chahr (2003)

1981 - Morocco – The month of Ramadan. With her seven-year-old son, Mehdi, Amina moves in with her father-in-law, Ahmed. Mehdi’s father is in prison but the boy believes that he has gone to work in France: his mother and grandfather maintain this illusion for his sake. More

A Thousand Months - Alf chahr DVD

A Thousand Months
CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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