George Ovashvili

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Born in Mzcheta in Georgia on 14.11.1963, he studied at the Polytechnical Institute from 1981-86 and at the Georgian Institute for Drama and Film from 1990-96. A stage actor at the State Theatre, he also directed stage plays for children and ran an advertising agency. The writer of a tele vision programme entitled “Georgian Bulletin” for a broadcaster in New York, his short film, ZGVIS DONIDAN (EYE LEVEL), won an award in the Berlinale’s Panorama section in 2005.


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Movies by George Ovashvili in Collection:

Corn Island (2014)

Told through captivating imagery and visuals this long-awaited movie from a renowned Georgian filmmaker is an unusual psychological drama that demonstrates just how unnecessary dialogue can be for creating maximum audience effect. More

The Other Bank - Gagma napiri (Flyer)

The Other Bank - Gagma napiri (2010)

Twelve-year-old Tedo lives with his young mother in Keto in an isolated hut on the outskirts of Tiflis. Tedo and Keto are refugees from Abchasia. The civil war has claimed everything they ever owned, including Tedo’s and Keto’s hopes for a bright future as an intact family unit. More

The Other Bank - Gagma napiri DVD

The Other Bank
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