Hirokazu KORE-EDA

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1991 Lessons from a Calf
1991 However Doc
1992 I just wanted to be Japanese
1993 Hou Hsiao-Hsien and Edward Yang
1994 August Without Him
1995 Maboroshi no hikari
1996 Without Memory
1998 After Life
2004 Nobody Knows (Dare mo shiranai)
2007 Hana
2009 Still Walking
2010 Air Doll
2011 I Wish
2013 Like Father, Like Son

Movies by Hirokazu KORE-EDA in Collection:

Like Father, Like Son (Flyer)

Like Father, Like Son (2013)

Would you choose your natural son, or the son you believed was yours after spending 6 years together? Kore-eda Hirokazu, the globally acclaimed director of "Nobody Knows", "Still Walking" and "I Wish", returns to the big screen with another family - a family thrown into torment after a phone call from the hospital where the son was born. More

Like Father, Like Son DVD

Like Father, Like Son
CHF 23.00 / EUR 19.00

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Air Doll - Kûki ningyô (Flyer)

Air Doll - Kûki ningyô (2009)

A story of love and frailty, Air Doll takes the essence of what it means to be human and distills it down to its purest form in this bittersweet love story that smoothly intertwines fantasy and reality. More

Air Doll - Kûki ningyô DVD

Air Doll
CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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Still Walking - Aruitemo, aruitemo (Flyer)

Still Walking - Aruitemo, aruitemo (2008)

Japanese film director Hirokazu Kore-eda will compete in San Sebastián for the third time, following Wandarfuru raifu (After Life, 1998) and Hana yori mo naho (Hana, 2006). A family drama about grown children visiting their elderly parents, which unfolds over one summer day. More

Still Walking - Aruitemo, aruitemo DVD

Still Walking
CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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Still Walking - Aruitemo, aruitemo Blu-ray

Still Walking
CHF 29.00 / EUR 24.00

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Hana Yori mo Naho (Flyer)

Hana Yori mo Naho (2006)

The time is 1702. A young samurai, Aoki Sozaemon (Okada Junichi) has left his countryside hometown, and is now living in Edo (now Tokyo), in search of Kanazawa Jubei (Asano Tadanobu), the man who killed his father. More

Hana Yori mo Naho DVD

Hana Yori mo Naho
CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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Nobody Knows - Dare mo shiranai (Flyer)

Nobody Knows - Dare mo shiranai (2004)

Four siblings live happily with their mother in a small apartment in Tokyo. The children all have different fathers and have never been to school. The very existence of three of them has been hidden from the landlord. More

Nobody Knows - Dare mo shiranai DVD

Nobody Knows
CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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Distance (Flyer)

Distance (2001)

A massacre initiated by the followers of an apocalyptic religious sect, the Ark of Truth, leaves more than a hundred people dead ¿ including the self-appointed executioners, slain by fellow cult members. More

Distance DVD

CHF 26.00 / EUR 21.00

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trigon-film edition 25: Japan DVD

trigon-film edition 25: Japan
CHF 36.00 / EUR 29.00

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After Life - Wandafuru Raifu (Flyer)

After Life - Wandafuru Raifu (1998)


After Life - Wandafuru Raifu DVD

After Life
CHF 23.00 / EUR 19.00

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Maboroshi no hikari (Flyer)

Maboroshi no hikari (1995)

Yumiko is a young woman from Osako, whose life is defined by the death of her loved ones. She lost her grandmother at the age of twelve, and her husband Ikuo, who is the reincarnation of her grandmother to her, commits suicide some months after the birth of their child. More

Maborosi - Illusion DVD

CHF 23.00 / EUR 19.00

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