Kirill Mikhanovsky

Brazil – 1 Film in collection

Born and raised in Moscow, he migrated with his family to the United States in his late teens. He began acting in short films made by fellow students at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee ; and soon after made his first short, Terra Terra which was invited to numerous festivals. He wrote and directed three other shorts and worked on a number of others made at the New York University (NYU) Graduate Film Program. His 2003 short documentary film Inhale, Exhale received the Audience Award at the annual NYU Showcase at the Directors’ Guild of America. He completed the short Auditions just before beginning work on his first feature, Sonhos de Peixe.

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Sonhos de Peixe (Flyer)

Sonhos de Peixe


In a tiny village on the northeastern coast of Brazil, the young fisherman Jusce scrapes out a living by diving 30 meters with rudimentary equipment for lobster. His ‘prize’ at the end of a long day of risky work is sitting close to Ana as she savors the drama of urban sophisticates on her favorite soap opera. Ana dreams of leaving the village to see the world. Jusce is content with the life he leads. Jusce’s old fishing buddy - Rogerio - returns from the big city for holidays. With his Buggy he drives around the dunes and scores Ana’s immediate attention. More

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