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Merzak Allouache was born in 1944 in Algiers. Between 1964 and 1967 he made a cinematic education at the National institute of cinema in Algiers. In 1967 he received his certificate of direction at the IDHEC, the cinematic university of Paris. Thereupon he pursued theoretical studies concerning the cinema at the "Ecole Pratique de Hautes Etudes" in Paris. 1972-1974 Merzak Allouache worked as a consultant at the ministry of culture and as an assistant director with Slim Riad. Since 1974 he shot several documentaries and 5 feature films.

1976 - Omar Gatlato
1977 - Les aventures d’un héros
1983 - L’ homme qui regardait les fenêtres
1986 - Un amour à Paris
1989 - L’après-octobre (doc)
1994 - Bab El-Oued City
1995 - Salut cousin !
1998 - La solitude du manager (Tv)
1998 - Alger-Beyrouth pour mémoire
2000 - L’autre monde
2001 - Chouchou
2005 - Bab El Web

Bab el-Oued City (Flyer)

Bab el-Oued City (1994)

Bab El-Oued, a popular district of Algier, in 1989, a few months after the riots. Young Boualem works six nights a week in a French bakery. On the rooftop of his apartment building the fundamentalists have installed a loudspeaker which is now broadcasting the Imam's word and the fundamentalist's hateful propaganda and therefore preventing Boualem from sleeping. Unable to stand the noise any longer, in a fit of madness, he destroys the loudspeaker and throws it into the sea. But he's quickly filled with guilt and apprehension for what he has done. More

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