Pjer Zalica

Bosnia and Herzegovina – 1 Film in collection


1992 The man called boat (doc)
1993 School of military skills (doc)
1993 Godot Sarajevo (doc)
1994 MGM - Sarajevo (doc)
1995 Children like any others (doc)
1998 The end of unpleasant times (cm)
2000 Mostar sevdah reunion (doc)
2003 Gori Vatra

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Gori Vatra - Fuse! (Flyer)

Gori Vatra - Fuse!


This film directed by Pjer Zalica was the best shown at the 2005 Global Lens Film Festival. It is now available on dvd in the USA courtesy of First Run Features. It includes a video introduction by the director. Fuse is set in Tesanj, a Bosnian town close to the Serbian border, two years after the civil war officially ended. Corruption and hatred are palpable and most townfolk are engaged in one type of illegal activity or another. More

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