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Born in Buenos Aires, Sandra Gugliotta studied film there, specialising in directing actors, and then worked for television where she directed series and drama, as well as two documentaries, Las mujeres Brukman and Puntos de Vista. During this time she also produced independant fiction and documentary films. In 1995, she made Noches Aticas, a short film that was one of Historias Breves I, a film that was an anthology of shorts by new Argentinean talents. This film, which had a theatrical release, enabled several young filmmakers to make a name for themselves. In 2002, her first feature film, Un dia de suerte, recounted the daily life of a young woman of Italian descent, who, due to the crisis-ridden state of Argentina, emigrates to Italy, the land of her ancestors. This film was very successful, winning two prizes at the Berlin Festival and was screened at several international festivals. It also received a nomination for the Goyas in 2003 in the category for Best Foreign Spanish language film.

2003 PUNTOS DE VITAS (doc)

Las vidas posibles (Flyer)

Las vidas posibles (2007)

Carla and Luciano are a happy couple, exuding the joys of love. One morning, Luciano, a geologist, sets off on a work trip, and then seems to disappear into thin air. . . His worried wife, unable to find any trace of him, sets off to find him in the tiny village in Patagonia he was supposed to be going to. There she meets Luis, who looks just like Luciano, an estate agent married to another woman. Convinced this man could be her husband, Carla tries all kinds of strategies to get closer to him. But the man does not recognise her. More

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