Serik Aprimov

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Born in 1960 in Aksuat, Kazakhstan. 1984 he began studying films in Moscow. 1989 he finished the director's class under Sergej Solowjow. He is considered to be one of the leading delegate of the new Kazakh films. Films (assorted samples): Two Men on a Motorcycle (1986, KF), The Last Stop (1989), A Dream in a Dream (1993), Aksuat (1998), Three Brothers (2000).


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Movies by Serik Aprimov in Collection:

Okhotnik - The Hunter (Flyer)

Okhotnik - The Hunter (2004)

The centre stage of this story there is a boy who is ill-famed as the child of a wolf and is said to be frosty, along with his seductive mother and a hunter and shaman. After the boy has made an attack, he starts for an initiation journey, together with his mother and the hunter, who's also her lover. More