Xiaolu Guo

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Xiaolu Guo was born in China and is currently based in London. In addition to her filmmaking career, she is also an award-winning novelist. Her films include The Concrete Revolution (04),How Is Your Fish Today? (06), We Went to Wonderland (08), She, a Chinese (09), Once Upon a Time a Proletarian (09) and UFO in her Eyes (11).

Ufo In Her Eyes (Flyer)

Ufo In Her Eyes (2011)

A successful screen adaptation of a novel by renown Chinese writer, Xiaolu Guo, UFO in her Eyes is a hyper-vivid portrait of chaotic contemporary Chinese society. Has a flying saucer come to disrupt life in a village or is it simply the fantasy of an illiterate, attractive single lady? Starring Udo Kier. More

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