Ufo In Her Eyes (Flyer)

Ufo In Her Eyes

Xiaolu GuoChina – 2011

A successful screen adaptation of a novel by renown Chinese writer, Xiaolu Guo, UFO in her Eyes is a hyper-vivid portrait of chaotic contemporary Chinese society. Has a flying saucer come to disrupt life in a village or is it simply the fantasy of an illiterate, attractive single lady? Starring Udo Kier. More

Beijing Bicycle - Shiqi Sui De Danche (Flyer)

Beijing Bicycle - Shiqi Sui De Danche

Xiaoshuai WangChina – 2001

Beijing today. Guei has left his village behind and has come to the city with great expectations. It takes some time, however, before he finds himself a job as a bicycle courier, earning ten yuan for each trip. Should he manage to collect six hundred yuan, he would be in a position to buy his silver mountain bike – his pride and joy – and become its owner. For this reason, Guei doesn’t ever let the odd complaint from a disgruntled customer get him down. He simply accepts it and concentrates on his work. And Lord knows, it’s hard enough. More

I Love Beijing - Xiari Nuanyangyang (Flyer)
Hyènes (Flyer)


In Colobane, people expect the return of Linguère Ramatou, a former local girl now rumored to be richer than the World Bank. But her generosity has its conditions: she offers a check of ten billion for the death of Dramaan Drameh who refused to admit that he was the father of her child 30 years ago. “Life made made me a whore, now I'm turning the world into a brothel” she tells the citizens of Colobane. More

Mr. West (Flyer)

Mr. West

Lew KuleschowRussia – 1924

Mit seinen Montagetheorien hat Lew Kuleschow dem Revolutionsfilm das Fundament gelegt, mit Mr. West öffnet er ihm die Pforten. Im realen, verschneiten Moskau sieht man die Akteure einander auf Motorrädern, in Autos und Pferdeschlitten verfolgen, Strassen auf Telefonleitungen überqueren und Gliedmassen wie Rufzeichen in die Höhe werfen. Mit der Erwartung, auf Wilde und Banditen zu stoßen, reist ein US-Senator ins Land der Bolschewiki. Das Alte und das Neue: eine action comedy mit Montage. More