The Legend of Love - Tcherike-ye Hooram - Afsaneh- (Flyer)
The Legend of Love -Tcherike-ye Hooram DVD

The Legend of Love -Tcherike-ye...
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Journey to the Sun - Günese Yolculuk (Flyer)

Journey to the Sun - Günese Yolculuk

A story of friendship, courage and a politically naive man’s transformation into someone painfully aware of the social realities in contemporary Turkey … Mehmet and Berzan, two young men from different regions of Turkey bond together as lower – class citizens in Istanbul. When Mehmet is unjustly arrested, his frightened roomates evict him and he loses his job. Mehmet’s loyalty to Berzan will eventually force him to disregard an uncompassionate bureaucracy and embark on a journey eastward across Turkey. More

Journey to the Sun DVD

Journey to the Sun
CHF 21.00 / EUR 19.00

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Klamek Ji Bo Beko (Flyer)
A Song for Beko DVD

A Song for Beko
CHF 19.00 / EUR 17.00

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