Bab'Aziz - Le prince qui contemplait son âme

Bab'Aziz - Le prince qui contemplait son âme (2005)

A visual poem of incomparable beauty, this masterpiece from director Nacer Khemir (Wanderers of the Desert) begins with the story of a blind dervish named Bab’Aziz and his spirited granddaughter, Ishtar. Together they wander the desert in search of a great reunion of dervishes that takes place just once every thirty years. More

Bab'Aziz - The Prince who contemplated his Soul DVD

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La nube

La nube (1998)

An eclectic group of actors struggle to save their theater from being demolished and replaced with a shopping mall. Max, the leader of the troupe, is a workaholic director who abandoned his family to build his career and is forced to confront the daughter he deserted. Then there is Enrique, the playwright-poet who is reduced to pawning his belongings to sustain his livelihood when his state pension is severed. More

Wara mendel

Wara mendel (1997)

There is an old Indian tradition according to which the parents teach their children the songs of wisdom, in order to enable them to bear their fate and their lives with more calmness. Pallavi - acted by India's most successful TV-star Kitu Gidwani - is a young, successful singer who has learnt her art with the help of her mother. More

Dance of the Wind - Wara mendel DVD

Dance of the Wind
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Po di sangui

Po di sangui (1996)

This film, in the style of an African folk tale, is set in the forest village of Amanha Lundju, a place where the birth of children is celebrated by the planting of a tree. The trees are considered spiritual twins. But for every tree planted, the rapacious state destroys many more for firewood and lumber. More


Mossane (1996)

This Senegalese melodrama tells the story of a young girl called Mossane who lives in a village between the ocean and the savannah. There, veneration for the traditions is very common. There's a legend saying that every other century a girl is born who is doomed because of her beauty. Mossane is only fourteen years old but is already considered to be extraordinary beautiful. More

No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas

No te mueras sin decirme adónde vas (1995)

Don‘t Die without Telling Me Where You‘re Going is an extraordinary film by a remarkable director, Eliseo Subiela (Man Looking Southeast, Dark Side of the Heart).This is masterful filmmaking that brings to life an invisible dimension of our world: auras, souls, spirits. William and Rachel have loved each other in various lives. More

Don't die without telling me where you're going DVD

Don't die without telling me...
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Les gens de la rizière - Neak srê

Les gens de la rizière - Neak srê (1994)

Les Gens de la rizière tells the story of Yong Poeuw, his wife Yim Om and their seven daughters. The land is scarce, the family members are many, the children are growing up, the balance has become fragile. Yong Poeuw and Yim Om suspect that a rupture is coming. More

Rice People DVD

Rice People
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trigon-film edition 25: Asia DVD

trigon-film edition 25: Asia
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Ta Dona

Ta Dona (1991)

Ta dona is the story about a young forest ranger and his life in the African country of Mali in the 1990s. He's a young Bambara man, an employee in Mali's Ministry of Rivers and Forests, searching for an ancient herbal remedy for childbirth, a plant with mythical healing powers. The secret knowledge he is trying to achieve, he wants to use for the people's good. More

Life on a String - Bian zou bian chang

Life on a String - Bian zou bian chang (1991)

A blind master wanders through a mythic landscape of a terrific beauty to play his songs and sing his ballads. His whole life he's had one hope, one dream of another world: According to a prophecy he shall be able to see, if he has broken 1000 of his banjo strings. His blind disciple, on the contrary, doesn't want to rely on one hope. More

Life on a String - Bian zou bian chang DVD

Life on a String
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Nemuru otoko - Sleeping Man

Nemuru otoko - Sleeping Man (1990)

Takuji’s been in a coma for quite some time after an accident in the mountains, where he often wandered wistfully. His family and friends have been coping rather well with his condition, and he lies in bed at home where everyone can visit him. More

Sleeping Man - Nemuro otoko DVD

Sleeping Man
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Bodhi Dharma - Dharmaga tongjoguro kan kkadalgun

Bodhi Dharma - Dharmaga tongjoguro kan kkadalgun (1989)

Three people live in a remote Buddhist monastery near Mount Chonan: Hyegok, the old master; Yong Nan, a young man who has left his extended family in the city to seek enlightenment, and an orphan lad Haejin, whom Hyegok has brought to the monastery to raise as a monk. The story is mostly Yong Nan's, told in flashbacks: how he came to the monastery, his brief return to the city, his vacillation between the turbulence of the world and his hope to overcome passions and escape the idea of self. More

Why has Bodhi-Dharma left for the East DVD

Why has Bodhi-Dharma left for...
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Dao ma tse - Dao ma zei

Dao ma tse - Dao ma zei (1985)

Norbu is a nomad who lives with his wife and his child in the mountainous highland of tibet as a shepherd. He belongs to an ethnic minority and from time to time he sees himself compelled to act as a horse thief in order to provide his family with food. But the day Norbu tries to steal some treasures of a temple the community excludes and banishes him. More

Les baliseurs du désert - El Haimoune

Les baliseurs du désert - El Haimoune (1984)

It is in a village lost at the bottom of the desert, a young teacher was named, to teach, but there is no school. Through the yant glance foudro of a girl, our teacher is aspired by another world to the suspended time where côtoient Thousand and One Nights. Coordinate all the hidden force of an underground memory. More

The Drifters - Les baliseurs du désert DVD

The Drifters
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