Chaque jour est une fête


Chaque jour est une fête

Dima El-HorrLebanon – 2009

Three women in a bus in Lebanon. They have the same destination: a men's penitentiary. The first woman wants to visit her husband whom she hasn't seen since their day of marriage. The second one has only one goal: to get her husband who has to serve a long sentence to sign the divorce papers and thus gain back her freedom. The third woman is afraid. She carries the gun that her husband, a prison guardian, has forgotten at home. A straight road seems to be leading them quickly to their destination: from Beirut centre to the Mermel prison in the desert. However, the journey becomes complicated. The sound of a stray bullet causes quite a stir and also indicates that dangerous and terrible things are going on in this country which is at civil war. There are rumours about a massacre. Groups of refugees are spotted. The journey of the three women continues, a journey to the inner self of the country.

Original Title Chaque jour est une fête
German Title Chaque jour est une fête - Jeder Tag ist ein Fest
French Title Chaque jour est une fête - Every Day is a Holiday
Other Titles Ogni giorno è un giorno festivo
Directed by Dima El-Horr
Country Lebanon
Available Formats 35mm, DVD, Blu-ray
Screenplay Dima El-Horr, Rabih Mroué
Film Editing Jacques Comets
Soundtrack Pierre Aviat
Cinematography Dominique Gentil
Sound Jean-Guy Véran, Thomas Robert, Emmanuel Zouki
Décors Jaoudet Gassouma
Costumes Rana Jamal
Production Ciné-Sud Promotion; Thierry Lenouvel; Visions Sud Est
Runtime 80 Min.
Language Arabisch, Französisch/d/f
Manal Khader
Raïa Haïdar
Karim Saleh
Fadi Abi Samta
Siro Faselian
Bilal Atoui
Berge Fasilian
Hiam Abbass

Rome Fillmfestival Toronto Filmfestival - Discovery Mannheim Filmfestival

" La réalisatrice surprend en effet par un esthétisme éblouissant. Elle arpente un désert aride et sublime et y dispose ses trois héroïnes dans un jeu perpétuel de couleurs et de silhouettes. " Clap

"Au fil de ses péripéties, Chaque jour est une fête ne cesse ainsi de décliner des rencontres et des réminiscences chargées de sens et dont la réalisatrice recherche l'impact visuel." Le Monde

"Un premier film ambitieux." CinéObs

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