Help for the Online Cinema: Frequently Asked Questions

Supported Devices

PCs and Laptops

You can use the Online Cinema on Windows, Mac and Linux using any modern web browser.

Smartphones and Tablets

The Online Cinema can be used on any iOS and Android device. On Android Smartphones and Tablets only Chrome is supported at this point.

TV and Projectors

You can connect your computer through a video cable with the TV or the projector to watch the film. If you have a Smart TV with internet connection, you can watch the film directly in the browser of your TV. In both cases we recommend to play our test clip beforehand in order to make sure the offer works on your device.



How can I renew / quit / change my subscription?

After logging in on, you will find all options for the renewal or termination of your subscription under “Account”. To change your subscription plan, please contact us at

What are the termination conditions?

If you choose monthly payment, your subscription will be renewed each month automatically. You can cancel your subscription anytime in your account. If you pay annually you can choose between automatic renewal or expiration of your subscription after one year. If you choose automatic renewal we will send you a reminder one month before the renewal. You can cancel your subscription at any time per end of your subscription period.

How can I pay my subscription?

You can pay your online cinema with credit card (Visa and Mastercard) or with Postfinance. If you pay with credit card you can also choose monthly payments. In this case, the amount will be charged monthly and automatically to your credit card.

How many films can I watch each month?

Depending on your subscription plan you can watch two (Basic subscription), five (Standard subscription) or an unlimited number of movies (supporter subscription). If you'd like to extend your film credit from time to time, you can also rent more movies separately If you wish to upgrade to a subscription plan with more film credit, please contact us at

How long can I watch a rented film?

Once you have chosen a film, you can watch it during five days on any device and as often as you like.

In which countries is the subscription available?

The subscription to our online cinema is available in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. The one-time rental for some of the movies is also possible in other countries.

I have a subscription and I would like to pay with a different credit card than the one currently registered. How can I change the credit card details?

To use a different credit card you need to cancel your subscription and buy a new one. Your current subscription will still be running until the expiration date and the new one will start right after.


How long can I watch a rented film?

You can watch the film during the specified rental period on any device as often as you like. You can see the remaining time on the playback time.

Can I download the movie?

You can not download the movie. To watch a movie you need a permanent internet connection.

Video Playback

How can I choose the video resolution?

The player chooses the resolution automatically, you can adjust it manually by clicking on the "HD" button in the player.

How can I change the subtitles?

You can choose the subtitles by clicking on the "CC" button in the player.


Playback is choppy

Please try to close other applications on your device that use up computation power. If this doesn't help you can choose a lower video resolution by clicking on the HD button in the player window.

The video interrupts regularly

High quality video streaming requires high bandwidths. If you're connected to a wireless network (WiFi) make sure to have a good signal quality. If you have problems streaming over mobile data networks, please try using the Online Cinema over WiFi. If this doesn't help you can choose a lower video resolution by clicking on the HD button in the player window.

Video quality is bad

Most films are available in HD quality (720p). The player chooses an appropriate quality for your connection bandwidth. You can manually select a higher quality using the HD button in the player window.

Subtitles are not shown

You can choose subtitles with the CC button in the player window. If you're using a mobile iOS device, make sure to enable subtitles in the device settings (click here for instructions). If subtitles disappear during the film, please try reloading the page.

The image on my TV screen is small or cut off

Adjust the image aspect ratio in your TV settings.

For any further questions, please contact us per mail at or per phone at (+41) 056 430 12 30.

In the case of a technical problem, please send us an e-mail with a detailed description of the problem. Please specify what device, what operating system and what browser you're using.