2002  Elsewhere - Vier Jahreszeiten

 1980  L'Exilé

 1973  Toula ou le génie des eaux

 1973  Saitane

 1972  Femmes Voitures Villas Argent

Elsewhere - Vier Jahreszeiten (Flyer)

Elsewhere - Vier Jahreszeiten

Version courte du film ELSEWHERE Suite


Based on a traditional African tale.A king has the habit of listening to the wishes of his people whilst walking in disguise on the streets of his kingdom. One day he overhears two brothers daydreaming of marrying the king’s daughters, even if it meant being beheaded one year later. The weddings take place and one of the brothers is decapitated one year later. The other one escapes at his wife’s insistence. On a long journey full of surprising incidents our hero becomes king of a village, with wives and subjects. But his earlier promise haunts him, and in order to save his family he accepts to be sacrificed. Suite

Toula ou le génie des eaux

The gods have declared the drought of the country. There seems to be no hope. A holy man summoned by the king requires the sacrifice of a young woman to put an end to their anger. A young man in love decides to go in search of water to save the girl from a tragic end, but when he returns with good news it's too late: the genie had his satisfaction and Toula has already disappeared in the holy swamp. Suite


A sorcerer (played by the director himself) controls all activities in a village.Manipulating the different parties, he promises love, good health and riches in exchange for the most extravagant rewards. One day someone exposes him and the sorcerer becomes the laughing stock of the whole village. Desperate, he throws himself off a cliff. Suite

Femmes Voitures Villas Argent

Ali est un fonctionnaire nigérien modeste qui jouit d’une vie agréable à la ville quand ses parents décident de le marier. Il est alors entrainé dans un tourbillon de dépenses pour prouver son succès social: femme, voiture, villa, argent. Pressé par des besoins financiers de plus en plus importants, il finit par voler et se retrouve en prison. Abandonné de tous, la leçon est dure. Le film, le premier long métrage Suite

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