Great movies on DVD and Video

trigon-film is a label that unites more than 200 wonderful titles of outstanding movies on DVD, all in original versions, several of them with english subtitles.

The rich collection of more than 300 excellent movies from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Estern Europe is also available DVD. You can visit our online-FILMSHOP and search for your favorites. If you have problems, just send us an e-mail with your wishes or questions.

We have produced several classics on DVD which were not available up to now. For example: "El viaje" (The Journey), "Tangos" or "Hora de los hornos" by Fernando Solanas, Argentina, "La vida es silbar" (Life is To Whistle) by Fernando Pérez (Cuba), "Ndeysaan" (The Prize of Forgiveness) by Mansour Sora Wade (Senegal), "L'enfant endormi" (The sleeping child) by Yasmine Kassari, "Journey To the Sun" by Yesim Ustaoglu (Turkey), "The Lost Collar of the Dove" or "Bab'Aziz" by Nacer Khemir (Tunesia) and "Bodhi Dharma" by Bae Yong-kyun (Korea). New titles have also been produced and are available now on DVD, such as "Russian Ark" by Alexander Sokurov, "Historias minimas" by Carlos Sorin and "West Beyrouth" by Ziad Doueiri (Lebanon), "Domesticas" by Fernando Meirelles and Nando Olival (Brazil), "TGV" by Moussa Touré (Senegal) and "Pequenos milagros" by Eliseo Subiela (Argentina) or "Amandla! - A revolution in four-part harmony" by Lee Hirsch (South Africa). One of the latest titles is "Corbusier - A Town in Chandigarh" by Alain Tanner.