4 trigon movies

 2019  143, rue du désert

 2016  Timgad

 2001  L'autre monde

 1994  Bab el-Oued City

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Films by Hassen Ferhani

143, rue du désert

Hassen Ferhani – 2019

In the middle of the Algerian sahara, in her relay, a woman writes her History. She welcomes, for a cigarette, a coffee or eggs, truckers, wandering beings and dreams... Her name is Malika. More

Films by Fabrice Benchaouche
Timgad (Flyer)


Fabrice Benchaouche – 2016

Will Timgad, a small and poor village of Algeria, and its junior soccer team, get to the prestigious international soccer tournament that takes place in Marseille? Mustapha, artist and boots keeper; Mokhtar, teacher and manager; Jamel, archaeologist and coach; Naïma, the grocer’s and sponsor's daughter and the whole village will fight a facetious destiny to make their dreams come true. More

Films by Merzak Allouache
Bab el-Oued City (Flyer)

Bab el-Oued City

Merzak Allouache – 1994

Bab El-Oued, a popular district of Algier, in 1989, a few months after the riots. Young Boualem works six nights a week in a French bakery. On the rooftop of his apartment building the fundamentalists have installed a loudspeaker which is now broadcasting the Imam's word and the fundamentalist's hateful propaganda and therefore preventing Boualem from sleeping. Unable to stand the noise any longer, in a fit of madness, he destroys the loudspeaker and throws it into the sea. But he's quickly filled with guilt and apprehension for what he has done. More

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