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Styx (Flyer)


Wolfgang Fischer – 2018

Rike is forty, she is a successful doctor whose job demands everything of her. She intends to use her much-needed annual holiday to fulfil her long-cherished dream of sailing single-handedly from Gibraltar to Ascension, a small tropical island in the middle of the Atlantic. Her desire for a carefree holiday seems to be coming to pass but then, after a storm, her beautiful adventure suddenly turns into an unprecedented challenge when she spots a badly damaged, hopelessly overloaded refugee boat nearby. More than a hundred people face drowning. More

En attendant le bonheur - Heremakono (Flyer)
  • Waiting for Happiness - En attendant le bonheur DVD
    DVD Waiting for Happiness
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  • trigon-film edition 25: Maghreb DVD
    DVD trigon-film edition 25: Maghreb
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