12 trigon movies

 2023  Tótem

 2023  Perdidos en la noche - Lost in the Night

 2020  Los lobos

 2020  Sin señas particulares

 2016  Soy Nero

 2015  Yo

 2013  Workers

 2012  Un mundo secreto

Order by Year Title Director
Films by Lila Avilés


Lila Avilés – 2023

Seven-year-old Sol spends the day at her grandfather’s home, helping her aunts Nuri and Alejandra with the preparations for a surprise party they are throwing for Sol’s father, Tonatiuh. As daylight fades, a strange and chaotic atmosphere takes over, shattering the bonds that hold a family together. Sol will come to understand that her world is about to change dramatically, embracing the essence of letting go and cherishing the breath of life. More

Films by Amat Escalante

Perdidos en la noche - Lost in the Night

Amat Escalante – 2023

Emiliano lives in a small mining town in Mexico. Motivated by a deep sense of justice, he searches for those responsible for the disappearance of his activist mother who was standing up for local jobs against an international mining company. Receiving no help from the police or judicial system, he finds a clue that leads him to the wealthy Aldama Family, where he meets a famous artist, his celebrity wife and their beautiful daughter. It’s not long before he has a job at their home and becomes determined to uncover the secrets beneath the surface. More

Films by Samuel Kishi Leopo
Los lobos (Flyer)

Los lobos

Samuel Kishi Leopo – 2020

Young brothers Max and Leo dream of going to Disneyland, but having just emigrated from Mexico to the USA they first have to settle in their new homeland. And they have to stick to the seven rules their mother has set down for them. More

Films by Fernanda Valadez
Sin señas particulares (Flyer)

Sin señas particulares

Fernanda Valadez – 2020

Magdalena hasn’t heard from her son in months—not since he left their town to cross the border into the United States. The authorities want her to sign her son’s death certificate, but an encounter with a bereaved parent makes Magdalena realize that she cannot live without knowing his fate. She begins an odyssey across Mexico, though areas of violence and desolation, chasing any available lead despite being warned not to publicly ask such questions. More

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Films by Rafi Pitts
Soy Nero (Flyer)

Soy Nero

Rafi Pitts – 2016

The border fence between Mexico and the United States is part of their lives; Mexican youths use it as a volleyball net on the beach, holding their own kind of international matches with their opposite numbers on the other side. When Nero scales the metres-high metal bars we suspect that he has done this often before: because nothing is going to divert him from his dream of becoming a US citizen. More

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Films by Matías Meyer
Yo (Flyer)


Matías Meyer – 2015

Yo is an intellectually limited 30-year-old who lives with his mother in an isolated Mexican restaurant. Unsettled by a new man in his mother's life, he sets off in search of his first romantic experiences. More

Films by José Luis Valle
Workers (Flyer)


José Luis Valle – 2013

Rafael has been a cleaner in the same light bulb factory for thirty years. It is his last day before retirement, and he even buys himself a pair of new shoes for the occasion. But his boss soon takes the wind out of this reticent man’s sails. Although Rafael has been a diligent and reliable worker, as an illegal immigrant to Tijuana from El Salvador he has no right to expect a pension … Lidia is one of seven people keeping house for a rich Mexican woman in a wheelchair who has dedicated her life to her whippet ‘Princess’ who eats from a golden bowl and sleeps on a More

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Films by Gabriel Mariño
Un mundo secreto (Flyer)

Un mundo secreto

Gabriel Mariño – 2012

‘María, someday somebody will notice you and realise how special you are …’ these are the words that María notes down in her diary. She also writes herself passionate love letters. But nobody notices how desperate she is. How could they? She is such an unassuming girl and hardly ever speaks. Not even to the boys she often allows to sleep with her, just like that. Afterwards she slaps her face hard. She can’t go on like this. More

Films by Mariana Chenillo
Cinco dias sin Nora (Flyer)

Cinco dias sin Nora

Mariana Chenillo – 2009

Before dying, Nora devises a plan to make José, ex-husband, take care of her funeral. But she misses something—the only flaw in the plan, a mysterious photograph left under the bed, will lead to an unexpected outcome that will remind us that sometimes the greatest love stories are hidden in the smallest places. More

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Films by Eugenio Polgovsky
Los herederos (Flyer)

Los herederos

Eugenio Polgovsky – 2008

At early age children begin to work in the Mexican countryside. The Inheritors is a portrait of theirs lives and their daily struggle for survival. These children work farming, sculpting and painting alebrijes, shepherding, making bricks, weaving cloth, looking after their little siblings, collecting water, harvesting tomato, chili, maize, and laboring in a myriad of other activities. They have inherited tools and techniques from their ancestors, but they have also inherited their day-by-day hardship. Generations pass and child workers remain captive in a cycle of inherited poverty. More

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Films by Hugo Rodríguez
Nicotina (Flyer)
Films by Paul Leduc
Barroco (Flyer)


Paul Leduc – 1989

This film is an homage to the rich an complex history of Latin America. Without any narrative sequence, but with a serie of images, music and sounds, the spectator gets transported through Mexico's history. More