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10 Milliarden - Wie werden wir alle satt (Flyer)

10 Milliarden - Wie werden wir alle satt

Valentin Thurn – 2015

In this century alone the world population will increase to 10 billion. Where do we get enough food that each individual needs to survive? How do we stop mankind from destroying the very foundation of ist food source? Valentin Thurn travels the world over to study the essentials of food production, during which he encountered diverse interest groups. He meets organic farmers and agro industry speculators, visits urban gardens and commercial slaughterhouses. The film makes a point of showing sustainable and gentle methods which ensure food production for the future. More

Pizza Bethlehem (Flyer)

Pizza Bethlehem

Bruno Moll – 2010

Bethlehem is a neighbourhood in the city of Bern where immigrants from over 30 nations have settled. At the centre of this film is the junior team of the Bethlehem Football Club. In this team, the majority are immigrants between 15 and 16 years old. The film also portrays – along with football – their everyday lives at school, vocational training and leisure time. More

Le deuil de la cigogne joyeuse (Flyer)

Le deuil de la cigogne joyeuse

Eileen Hofer – 2010

War is imminent, but pregnant Nour refuses to admit it. Her husband, more rational, persuades her to leave. Convinced they will be able to return shortly, they bring with them only the bare necessities. Little do they know that they are leaving behind the fond memories of a paradise lost. The dramatic reconstruction in a minimalist approach of a key day in the life of a couple who has since emigrated. More

Der grüne Berg (Flyer)

Der grüne Berg

Fredi M. Murer – 1990

Mit seinem Spielfilm «Höhenfeuer» avancierte Fredi M. Murer zum erfolgreichsten Schweizer Filmautoren der vergangenen Jahre. «Der grüne Berg» war ursprünglich auf dem Weg zu einem nächsten Spielfilm entstanden. Aus dem kleinen Nebenprojekt entwickelte sich ein abendfüllender Dokumentarfilm, einwichtiger Beitrag zu Fragen der Verantwortung von Mensch und Gesellschaft gegenüber Nachwelt und Natur, ein spannungsgeladenes Dokument in Sachen abgewirtschaftete Demokratie. More

Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht schuld, dass (Flyer)

Wir Bergler in den Bergen sind eigentlich nicht schuld, dass

Fredi M. Murer – 1974

An ethnographic documentary film in three movements, along the lines of a symphony. The three movements reflect the three differing stages of development co-existing within the mountainous canton. In Göschenen, at the foot of the Gotthard, which straddles Europe’s North-South axis, industrialization took hold long ago, and the mountain farmers of old now work in offices and factories. In the Schächtental, however, the traditional family-centric mountain economy survives. More

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