Adamo Drabo

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Adama Drabo (1948-2009) was born in Bamako, Mali. From childhood he developed an interest in film, but first worked for ten years as a village teacher. In his spare time, he painted and wrote plays, before he started filmmaking.


1988 Nieba, la journée d'une paysanne
1991 Ta Dona
1997 Taafé Fanga

Ta Dona (Flyer)

Ta Dona (1991)

Ta dona is the story about a young forest ranger and his life in the African country of Mali in the 1990s. He's a young Bambara man, an employee in Mali's Ministry of Rivers and Forests, searching for an ancient herbal remedy for childbirth, a plant with mythical healing powers. The secret knowledge he is trying to achieve, he wants to use for the people's good. He sees that his work holds the key to the future of his country (through reforestation) and he dislikes the short-sighted, money-grubbing ways of his superiors. More