Anna Melikian

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Born in Baku in Azerbaijan, she grew up
in Yerevan and moved to Moscow in 1994
where she took up studies at the film school
in Sergei Soloviev’s class. She was a postproduction
trainee on a number of productions
in Germany in 2001. After graduating
in 2002 she began working for television.
Made in 2004, her first feature film, MARS.


2014 Star
2014 About Love 2 (cm)
2011 About Love (cm)
2010 Open Air
2007 Mermaid
2004 Mars
2002 Contrabass (cm)
2000 Poste Restante (cm)
1999 Let's Fly (cm)
1998 Andante (cm)

Star (Flyer)

Star (2014)

A young debuting actress dreams of being a famous star admired by everybody. She lacks talent so she's planning to have plastic surgery to help her succeed. She is always an optimist, with an infectiously carefree attitude and joie de vivre. The extremely sensitive 15-year-old boy feeling at odds with the world is her opposite. He is misunderstood by his father and his stepmother, a worldly and haughty woman who is capable of true feelings only on the verge of death. More

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Rusalka - Mermaid (Flyer)

Rusalka - Mermaid (2008)

Once upon a time … is the best way to tell the incredible story of the adventures of the ‘mermaid’ Alisa in the Russian capital Moscow. There was a time when Alisa lived by the sea. Her life was nothing out of the ordinary. She dreamed of one day dancing in a ballet; she sang in a children’s choir and attended a special school, because, at the age of six, she suddenly stopped speaking. None of which would be noteworthy, were it not for the fact that Alisa possessed a remarkable gift: the ability to fulfil wishes. More

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