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Bakhtyar Khudojnazarov (Tajik: Бахтиёр Худойназаров, Persian: بختیار خدای‌نظرف), born may 29, 1965, died April 21, 2015, was a film director, producer and screenwriter from Tajikistan. His most internationally famous film is the comedy «Luna Papa» (1999). He won a Silver Lion at the Venice Film Festival for his film «Kosh ba kosh» (1993). In 2000 he was a member of the jury at the 22nd Moscow International Film Festival. Khudojnazarov lived in Berlin, Germany, from 1993 until he died aged 49.


1991 Bratan - Brother (Братан)

1993 Kosh ba kosh (Кош-ба-кош)

1999 Luna Papa (Лунный папа)

2003 The Suit (Шик)

2006 Tanker Tango (Танкер Танго)

2012 Waiting for the Sea (В ожидании моря)

2014 Hetaera of Major Sokolov (Гетеры майора Соколова, TV mini series)

Bratan (Flyer)

Bratan (1991)

Two brothers, 17-year-old Farrukh and 7-year-old Azamat, leave town to join their doctor-father, travelling cross-country through imposingly stark Tajikistan on a ramshackle cargo train. Their journey is punctuated by numerous experiences which carry them into the lives of strangers and through the endearing emotional odyssey of their own relationship. When they reach the father who initially does not recognize them, their hopes for a better life are crushed. Turning back on each other, the brothers resume their journey. More

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Kosh ba kosh (Flyer)

Kosh ba kosh (1990)

Mira, a young woman from Russia, comes to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan, to visit her father, a player who often loses and finally even has to give away Mira to an old man. But Daler, a young player, falls in love with Mira and simply abducts her into his rather weird world. Daler is the boss of the local, thoroughly rotten aerial cableway. Its faded yellow cabins are suitable for every cargo: tourists as well as for hay, beer crates, stolen goods and even as a love-home for a clandestine rendez-vous. More

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