Daoud Aoulad Syad

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Born in 1953 in Marrakech, Morocco. After his doctoral degree in "Sciences Phsysiques", he made his debut in 1989 as the result of an internship he did at the FEMIS, a famous cinematic university in Paris. Thereupon he realised his two first short films: «K ricature» and «Paris, 13 juillet». 1991 he made his first documentary short film called "Memoire ocre" that was diffused in 1993 on ARTE. In the same year followed «Ecrans du sud» and «Entre l'absence et l'oubli», selected at the festivals in Carthage, Fribourg and Milan.

It was not until 1998 that he realised his first feature film «Adieu forain», followed by «Le Cheval de vent» after three years. As a photographer he also teaches at the scientific faculty in Rabat.