Elchin Musaoglu

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Elchin Musaoglu was born in 1966 in Baku. At the age of 17 he entered the Azerbaijan State Institute of Arts and Culture, faculty of theatre directors. As soon as he completed the 2nd course he was drafted to the Soviet Army in Ukraine, where he spent two years. After coming back from the army he continued his education both in Azerbaijan and Moscow. The last year of university he spent at the Lunacharsky State Institute for Theatre Arts in the workshop of Mark Zakharov.

In 1990 he was hired by Azerbaijanfilm as an assistant film director. The first film he produced was Leyli and Majnun based on the poem by Nizami Ganjavi (1990). He worked in Azertelefilm from 1994 to 2004 as a film director and produced more than 30 documentaries and short films. Elchin Musaoglu is a member Union of the Azerbaijan Cinematographers and the Union of Turkish Documentary Cinematographers, and a founder of the Society for Support of the Development of Documentary Films and Authorial Programs.


1990 – "Leyla and Majnun" (55 minutes 16 mm)
1994 – Killer (65 minutes TV)
1995 – P.S. (70 minutes TV)
1996 – “The Third Side of the Record” (35 minutes TV)
1997 – “A Grain of Sand” (49 minutes TV)
1997 – “A Diary of a Traveller” (37 minutes TV)
1998 – The Azerbaijan Carpet (65 minutes TV)
1999 – Magister Dixet (74 minutes TV)
2000 – Niyazi (60 minutes TV)
2001 – “The Sun and the Cloud” (28 minutes TV)
2002 – “The Light of My Eyes” (16 minutes TV)
2003 – “Glass Toys” (12 minutes TV)
2007 – "German-Azerbaijan Friendship Relations" (45 minutes TV)
2008 – The 40th Door (82 minutes 35mm)
2014 – Nabat (105 minutes DCP)

Nabat (Flyer)

Nabat (2014)

Nabat and her husband Iskender, an old and sick ex-forestry worker, live in a small isolated house far from the village. War has been raging for some time and their son has been killed at the front. Their sole means of survival is the sale of milk from their only cow that Nabat takes to the village every couple of days. As the shadow of war envelopes the region the village is slowly deserted by its inhabitants. Following Iskender’s death Nabat has to survive in a now abandoned village under the regard of a she-wolf. More

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