Ernest Abdyjaparov

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Born in Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan in 1961, he studied at the Institute for Russian language and Culture and subsequently worked as a schoolteacher for five years. He joined Kyrgyzfilm Studios as a production manager and location manager in 1988; in the same period he also worked on a satirical film magazine named "Korogoch". He later became an editor and assistant director and has now been working as a director since 1993. Saratan marks his debut as a feature film director.

Pure Coolness - Boz Salkyn (Flyer)

Pure Coolness - Boz Salkyn (2007)

Is it possible to justify the bride kidnapping if “he” and “she” will create a happy family after that? People marry by mutual agreement and love. And it happens that they marry of parents’ interests will. But Kyrgyz people have such a custom when the bride is kidnapped. Rural herder Sagyn’s mother decides to marry her son to a modest girl Anara with parents of whom she has already come to an agreement. And he is in love with rural beauty Asyl, but who has a fiancé. More

Saratan (Flyer)

Saratan (2005)

Discontentment reigns in a Kyrgyzian village: money is not flowing as expected, everyone is trying to arrange his own business, if necessary secretly, communism is still finding adherents and the rustler Taschmat is at work, pursued by the village police man Salamat. The villagers belief in better times is weak, as well as their belief in a fair God. Be it Allah or Jehova, they prefer devoting themselves to terrestrial joy. While some are managing to profit from the situation, others are getting nothing. More