Ghassan Salhab

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Born in Dakar, Senegal, in 1958. In addition
to making his own films, he collaborates on
screenplays in Lebanon and France. He also
teaches film in Lebanon. In 2012, he published
his first anthology, “Fragments du livre du


1986 La clef; 15 Min. 1991
Après la mort; 21 Min. · L’autre; 10 Min. 1994
Afrique fantôme; 21 Min. 1998 Beyrouth
fantôme; 116 Min. 1999 De la séduction;
Koregie: N. Khodor, 32 Min. 2000 La rose de
personne; 10 Min. · Baalbeck; Koregie: Akram
Zaatari und M. Soueid, 56 Min. 2002 Terra
incognita; 120 Min. 2003 Mon corps vivant,
mon corps mort; 14 Min. 2004 Narcisse perdu;
15 Min. 2005 Brêve rencontre avec Jean-Luc
Godard, ou le cinéma comme métaphore;
40 Min. 2006 Le dernier homme (The Last
Man); 101 Min. · Temps mort; 7 Min. 2007
(Posthume); 28 Min. 2009 1958; 66 Min. 2011
La Montagne (The Mountain); 80 Min. 2015
Al-wadi (The Valley)

Al-wadi - The valley (2014)

Wandering aimlessly after losing his memory in a car accident, a manis taken in by the inhabitants of a farm in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon,whose secret business is the drugs they manufacture in a laboratory onthe closely guarded property. The presence of this nameless strangerhas consequences for the clandestine community.Little separates beauty and horror here. A latent sense of dangerpervades the vast swathes of sublime landscape. A catastrophe looms.Tensions also rise in the cramped quarters of the house. More

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