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Iuli Gerbase ,born 1990, is a Brazilian filmmaker, who studied Cinema and Creative Writing. At 20 years old, she started making films and developed a taste for writing strong dialogues and exploring inner conflicts. She has written and directed six short films, selected for festivals around the world like TIFF and Havana Film Fest. The Pink Cloud, a drama with touches of surrealism and sci­fi, is her first feature film. For her next projects, Iuli is developing her second feature, another sci­fi drama, and a TV series.


2019 THE STONE (short film)
2018 DIA DAS NAÇÕES (short film)
2013 PIERRE E A MOCHILA (short film)
2013 FÉRIAS (short film)
2012 SÓ ISSO (short film)
2011 FOLHA EM BRANCO (short film)

The Pink Cloud - A Nuvem Rosa (Flyer)

The Pink Cloud - A Nuvem Rosa (2021)

A mysterious and deadly pink cloud appears across the globe, forcing everyone to stay home. Strangers at the outset, Giovana and Yago try to invent themselves as a couple as years of shared lockdown pass. While Yago is living in his own utopia, Giovana feels trapped deep inside. More