Jahnu Barua

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Jahnu Barua (born 1952) is an Indian film director. He has written and directed a number of Assamese and Hindi films.


1974 The F Cycle
1974 Diary of a Racehorse
1976 180 Days of SITE
1982 Apeskash (Erwartung)
1986 Papori
1986 Ek Kahani (TV, Eine Geschichte)
1987 Halodhia choraye baodhm khai (Die gelben Vögel)
1988 Adhikar (TV)
1990 Banani (Der Wald)
1992 Firingoti
1995 Hkhagoroloi Bohu Door (Langer Weg zum Meer)
1998 Kuhkhal (Price of Freedom)
2000 Pokhi (And the River Flows)
2003 Konikar Ramdhenu (Ride on the Rainbow)
2004 Tora (Tora's Love)
2005 Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara (I Did Not Kill Gandhi)
2010 Mumbai Cutting (Anjane Dost segment)    
2012 Baandhon (Waves of Silence)    
2014 Ajeyo (Invincible)    
2018 Bhoga Khirikee (Broken Window)

The Yellow Birds (Flyer)

The Yellow Birds (1987)

A simple farmer becomes the victim of a greedy landowner in this social melodrama. Bora is forced to give up the farm his father had paid for when the landowner asks for a mortgage receipt that was never given. He loses his livestock and sends his young son to work as an errand boy to the villainous landlord. Bora's ultimate humiliation occurs when he is forced to put up political banners that espouse the virtues of the man who drove him from his land and ruined his life. More