Kenji Mizoguchi

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Akasen Chitai - Street of Shame (Flyer)
Yokihi - Empress Yank Kwei Fei (Flyer)

Yokihi - Empress Yank Kwei Fei (1955)

Emperor Huan Tsung is grieving over the death of his wife. The Yang family wants to provide him with a consort so that they may consolidate their influence over the court. General An Lushan finds a distant relative working in their kitchen whom they groom to present to the Emperor. And he falls in love with her and she becomes the Princess Yang Kwei-fei. More

Gion Bayashi - A Geisha (Flyer)
Sansho Dayu - Sanshi the Bailiff (Flyer)
Chikamatsu monogatari - A Story from Chikamatsu (Flyer)
Ugetsu monogatari (Flyer)
Oyu Sama - Miss Oyu (Flyer)