Moufida Tlatli

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Tlatli was born in Tunisia. In 1968, she took her diploma from IDHEC, Paris. She worked as scriptwriter and production manager with ORTF before becoming an editor on numerous films, including LA MéMOIRE FERTILE by Michel Khleifi and HALFAOUINE by Ferid Boughédir.



 2004 Nadia et Sarra
 2000 La Saison des Hommes
 1994 Samt El Qusur


 1994 Habiba Msika
 1994 Samt El Qusur
 1992 Al-Zazouet
 1991 Le cantique des pierres
 1990 Asfour Stah
 1989 Majnoun Layla
 1988 Sama
 1987 Caméra arabe (Documentary)
 1986 Hammam Dhhab (Short)
 1984 El-haimoune
 1982 Traversées
 1982 Dhil al ardh
 1980 Aziza
 1979 Nahla
 1978 Koora w'Ahlam (Documentary)
 1977 Omar Gatlato
 1974 Intissar Chaâb (Documentary)
 1974 Sejnane 

La saison des hommes - Maussim al-riyal (Flyer)

La saison des hommes - Maussim al-riyal (2000)

Atmospheric drama about a young wife who must bear her husband a child if she ever wishes to escape the island of Djerba and join him in Tunis. More

Shamt al kushur - Les silences du palais (Flyer)

Shamt al kushur - Les silences du palais (1994)

The news that Prince Sid'Ali has died suddenly confronts 25-year-old Ali with her past again. During the funeral she visits the palace where she spent her childhood and adolescence and where her mother was a servant. She never knew her father - he may even have been the prince. As she wanders the deserted corridors, the images of her youth return, such as her forbidden friendship with Sarra, daughter of one of the princes, who taught Alia to love the lute. More

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