Paula Hernández

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Born in Argentina, she graduated from the Instituto Vocacional de Arte in 1988 and from the Universidad del Cine in Buenos Aires in 1996. Hernández has been working in the film industry since 1989 and has made several short films, documentaries and feature films. Hernández is one of the most important voices from the newer Argentinean film scene. Her feature films Herencia (2001), Lluvia (2008), Un amor (2011) and Los sonámbulos - The Sleepwalkers (2019) have all been released by trigon-film.

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2018 DOCE CLAVOS (short film)
2013 TRES VIRGINIAS (short film)
2011 UN AMOR
2005 VIENTOS DE AGUA (TV mini-series)
2003 EVA
1996 KILOMETRO 22 (short film)
1992 ROJO (short film)

Los sonámbulos (Flyer)

Los sonámbulos (2019)

A woman, Luisa, and her 14 year-old daughter, a sleepwalker in the teenage awakening. A marriage at the edge of a silenced crisis. A ritualistic and endogamic family: grandmother, siblings, and cousins. Summer, sweat, alcohol. Naked bodies, bodies in transition and their gazes upon those new bodies. A New Year’s celebration in the family’s ancestral country home is the necessary trap to awaken the sleepwalkers. More

Un amor (Flyer)

Un amor (2012)

Does love at first sight exist? This may certainly be the case, but sometimes you need time to be sure of this love. This film describes such a story about getting to know somebody and falling in love as a teenager, and about meeting again many years later. It begins in the 70s, in the summer in a small town by the river. Bruno and Lalo are teenagers and good friends. They hang around together in the heat, until one rainy day Lisa turns up, a beautiful young woman who capriciously and quick-wittedly turns the heads of both boys – and then decides on one of them. More

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Lluvia (Flyer)

Lluvia (2008)

On a chaotic Friday in Buenos Aires, Alma and Roberto meet in the pouring rain. In the middle of the traffic chaos, the door of Alma's car opens. Roberto gets in, injured and wet to the bones. "Please close the door! As soon as this is all over, I'm getting out." Without knowing why, Alma does what Roberto asks her to do. They have no idea that this sudden and unexpected encounter will change their lives. Alma made aimless rounds in the city in her car before, and Roberto wanted to find himself. None of them know what to do or how to progress in their lives. More

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Herencia (Flyer)

Herencia (2001)

Peter travels from Germany to Buenos Aires to find the woman he fell head over heels in love with some time ago and who wants to live with. But he doesn't know much more about her than her name, an address that is no longer true, and the memory of enchanting moments. He meets Olinda, who runs a local restaurant and was herself stranded in Argentina half a century ago in search of her great love. More

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