Quan'an Wang

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The Chinese screenwriter and director graduated from the Beijing Film Academy in 1991. His debut film, Yue Shi (Lunar Eclipse), screened in the Berlinale Forum in 2002; two years later, Jingzhe (The Story Of Er Mei) screened in Panorama. His third feature film, Tu ya de hun shi (Tuyas Marriage) won the Golden Bear for Best Film in 2007. His drama Tuan Yuan (Apart Together) was the Berlinale’s opening film in 2010 when it won the Silver Bear for Best Script; Bai lu yuan (White Deer Plain) screened in the 2012 Competition. He was a member of the International Jury in 2017.


1999 Yue shi (Lunar Eclipse) 2004 Jingzhe (The Story of Ermei) 2007 Tu ya de hun shi (Tuya's Marriage) 2009 Fang zhi gu niang (Weaving Girl) 2010 Tuan yuan (Apart Together) 2012 Bai lu yuan (White Deer Plain) 2019Öndög

Öndög (Flyer)

Öndög (2019)

A naked woman is found murdered in the Mongolian steppe. Overnight, a young and inexperienced policeman has to secure the crime scene. Since he is not familiar with the dangers on site, a local herder is sent to guard him and the body. This resolute woman in her mid-thirties knows how to handle a rifle – and how to scare away wolves. She lights a fire against the cold. Alcohol also helps them to stay warm. At her instigation, the two get closer to each other. The next morning, they will go their separate ways. More