Roger Gnoan M'bala

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Roger Gnoan M'Bala was born in 1941 in Grand Bassam (Ivory Coast). he studied at the independent French cinema conservatory and in Sweden.
From 1968 to 1978 he worked as an assistant to a film director, then as a radio transmission director for the national radio and TV channel.
His short film called Amanie wins the silver tanit at the JCC of Carthage
He directed his first feature film in 1984, Ablakon, a sarcastic and highly active comedy. Fame come with the film, Au nom du Christ (1993) and he wins the youth prize at the Locarno film festival (Swiss) and the Étalon de Yennenga at the Fespaco (Burkina Faso).
Adangamman confirms his talent in 2000. The film depicts the relationship between European slavers in seek of human merchandise and West African kings who would sell them their prisoners. Such a bold theme, combined with his personal talent originated one of the master pieces of late 20th century African cinema.


Amanie / Quelles sont les nouvelles? (1972), fiction (32'), 16mm, B&W
Le Chapeau (1974-75), fiction (70'), 16mm, color
Ablakon (1984-85), fiction (90'), 35mm, color
Bouka (1988), fiction (90'), 35mm, color
Au nom du Christ (1992), fiction (90'), 35mm, color
Adanggaman (2000), Fiction 95 mn, 35 mm, color

Bouka (1988)

Bouka is a gifted young teenager. He lives with his parents in a village and forms with them a solid family. His father gives him a traditional education close to nature. Unfortunately this happiness will be troubled by the brutal death of the father…Remained widow, the mother of Bouka will suffer the consequences of a relentless traditional principle. She become the new wife of the nephew of her late husband, Bouka doesn’t accepts this new condition of her mother. He suspects his stepfather to be involved in his father death. More

Ablakon (1986)

A city with its problems. A gang of abandoned children provide for themselves and pose as heroes. The police are on their backs day and night. They are enterprising, energetic, and full of fresh vitality. Despite the fact they are rejected by their parents and ignored by the world, they form among themselves a powerful example of solidarity. Ablakon is something of a different order. He is an adult delinquent and a swindler. Posing as a businessman, he has deceived a countless number of people. More