Rok Biček

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Born in 1985 in Novo mesto, Slovenia. Graduate of University of Ljubljana (UL AGRFT). Entered the world of cinema as a prominent student at Janez Lapajne's PoEtika, an occasional academy for researching the art of film directing. Won several awards for his student films. Class Enemy is his directorial feature debut. Like the filmmakers who inspired him, such as Michael Haneke, Cristian Mungiu and Andrey Zvyagintsev, Bicek plays with the potential danger lurking in small, everyday details. A gesture, a glance or the wrong word can have the potential to spark a fire. His graduation short Duck Hunting was instantly acquired by ARTE. Shot in the faded colors of autumnal Slovenian wetlands, two sons pick up their father from jail, taking him on a duck hunt that quickly turns into a Greek tragedy.


2013 Class Enemy (Razredni sovraznik) – première fiction
2010 Invisible Dust (Nevidni prah) – court-métrage d'étude (TV)
2010 Duck Hunting (Lov na race) – court-métrage d'étude
2008 Day in Venice (Dan v Benetkah) – court-métrage d'étude
2007 The Family (Druzina) – court-métrage d'étude (documentaire)
2004 Life (Zivljenje) – court-métrage d'étude

Class Enemy - Razredni Sovraznik (Flyer)

Class Enemy - Razredni Sovraznik (2013)

Due to a huge difference in the way they perceive life, the relationship between the students and their new German language teacher becomes critically tense. When one of the students commits suicide, her classmates accuse the teacher of being responsible for her death. The realisation that things are not so black and white comes too late. More

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