S. Pierre Yameogo

3 Films in collection


1982 Stage de montage à la radio télévision de Ouagadougou.
1980-1983 Conservatoire libre du cinéma français (Paris).
1984-1987 Maîtrise en communication (Université de Paris VIII).
1984 L'oeuf silhouette
1987 Dunia
1991 Laafi
1992 Wendemi
1998 Silmandé
2003 Moi et mon blanc
2005 Delwende

Delwende (Flyer)

Delwende (2005)

This mother-daughter tale focuses on the injustice of some traditional African practices and women’s struggle for equality. A small village in Burkino Faso is devastated by the sudden death of many of its children. Fearing the worst, Diarrha sends his daughter Pougbila to get married in another village despite the objections of his wife Napoko. She learns that their daughter has been raped, possibly by her own husband and therefore she accepts the arranged marriage despite her own reservations. More

Moi et mon blanc (Flyer)

Moi et mon blanc (2004)

Mamadi is struggling to complete a doctorate at a Parisian university after the government of his country has stopped paying his scholarship. Thanks to his acquaintances in the African community, he finds a job as night watchman in an underground car park. There, a French colleague, Franck, helps the friendly African academic getting around. However, the car park is also a meeting point for dubious characters, and when Mamadi accidentally wrecks a drug trafficking operation, Franck is really hard-pressed to put his pal and himself out of harm's way. More