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Savi Gabizon is a renowned and leading film director in Israel. His three films Shuroo, Lovesick on Nana Street and Nina’s Tragedies were all box office hits that brought the highest number of audience to theaters in the years they came out. All three films were extremely well received by cinema critics, won at the Israeli Academy Awards and were chosen to represent Israel at the American Oscars in the foreign film category. Together, Gabizon’s three films won 24 Israeli Academy Awards – among them for best film, best director and best screenplay. All three films participated in many international film festivals, won several prizes and were distributed in numerous countries. ‘Nina’s Tragedies’ was selected for the Official Competition of the Sundance Film Festival. Following the festival, the film was picked up by the American distributor Wellspring. Gabizon is a professor at the Film and Television department of the Tel Aviv University where he teaches filmmaking and screen-writing workshops.


1990 Shuroo
1995 Lovesick on Nana Street (Hole Ahava B’Shikun Gimel)
2003 Nina's Tragedies (Ha-Asonot Shel Nina)
2017 Longing (Ga’agua)

Longing (Flyer)

Longing (2017)

Ariel, a well-off, childless man, gets a phone call from his college girlfriend. She needs to tell him a couple of very surprising things: first, when they broke up twenty years ago, she was pregnant and went on to have a lovely boy. The second thing will change his life forever. This is a journey that creates laboratory-like conditions to explore the hidden aspects of parenthood beyond giving and responsibility. More

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