Shaji N. Karun

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Born in India, Shaji Neelakantan Karun was the cinematographer on most of the films made by the legendary director Govindan Aravindan, which opened up new horizons within Indian cinema. His work as a cameraman won him the Eastman Kodak Award for Excellence in 1990. After making several of his own short films, (including Wild Life of Kerala, 1979, and Kannikal, 1986), he directed Piravi which was enormous critical success all over the world. His second feature, My Own (1994), returned to the subject of grieving and confirmed his talent as a filmmaker, being selected for competition at the Cannes Festival. This was followed by The Last Dance (1999, co-produced by the journalist Pierre Assouline) and Nishad (2002). Shaji Neelakantan Karun has also made several documentaries and is currently working on his next feature film.


1974 Lady of the Landing (Short)
1986 Kannikal (Short)
1988 Piravi
1994 Swaham
1996 Sham’s Vision (Short)
1998 Bhavam (court métrage)
1999 Shams Vision (Short)
1999 Vanaprastham
2000 G. Aravindan (Short)
2002 Nishãd
2002 Cheria lokavum valya manushyanum 
2009 Kutty Srank: The Sailor of Hearts
2014 Swapaanam
2018 Olu

Piravi (Flyer)

Piravi (1988)

An ageing father waits, in vain, at the bus stop for his son Raghu, a student at the University of Trivandrum, who is supposed to be coming home for the holidays. The elderly Chakyar’s eager happiness slowly turns to disappointment and then anxiety. After several days with no news of Raghu, his family learn that the police have arrested him for singing revolutionary songs at the university’s annual fête. Chakyar goes to the capital, hoping to find support from the Minister of Internal Affairs, and is soon joined by his daughter, who does not, however, share his optimism. More

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