Vivian Qu

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Born in Peking,VIVIAN QU studied art in New York. In 2003 she returned to China, where she now produces independent films, including Black Coal, Thin Ice, the Berlinale winner in 2014. Angels Wear White is her second feature film

Angels Wear White (Flyer)

Angels Wear White (2017)

A small coastal town in China has half-hearted ambitions to make more of its touristic potential. In one of the many, more or less interchangeable hotels along the beach, 12-year old Wen is the victim of and receptionist Mia a witness to a crime. Mia came to the town illegally and is frightened of reporting what she saw to the authorities. But she's not the only one who fears the consequences of what happened, and the net draws ever tighter around Mia and Wen. Vivian Qu's delicate neo-noir drama concentrates on the perspectives of the complex female figures to expose patriarchal structures. More