Xiaoshuai Wang

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Born in Shanghai in 1966.Studied film at
Beijing Film School until 1988 and then
began working as an assistant at Fujian
Film Studios.He made his first feature film,
THE DAYS, in 1993.As a result of this film,
he fell out of favour with the powers-thatbe
which meant that he was obliged to
release his second, independent production,
FROZEN, under the pseudonym ‘Wu Ming’in
1995.His third film, SO CLOSE TO PARADISE,
filmed in 1995,was not released until three
years after its completion.He is regarded as
one of the most talented directors of the
‘sixth generation’.

1993: Dongchun de rizi / The Days
1994: Da youxi / Suicides
1995: Jidu hanleng / Frozen
1998: Biandan, guniang / So Close to Paradise
1999: The House
2001: Shiqi sui de dan che / Beijing Bicycle
2002: Jeon jang keu i hu... / After the War

So Long, My Son (Flyer)

So Long, My Son (2019)

‘We’re waiting to grow old’. This sentence briefly sums up Yaoyun and his wife Liyun’s bitter realisation about their lives. They were once a happy family – until their son drowned playing by a reservoir. And so Yaojun and Liyun leave their home and plunge into the big city, although nobody knows them there and they cannot even understand the local dialect. Their adopted son Liu Xing does not offer them the comfort they had hoped for either. Defiantly rejecting his ‘foreign’ parents, he one day disappears altogether. More

Chinese Portrait (Flyer)

Chinese Portrait (2018)

CHINESE PORTRAIT investigates the current state of China, taking the audience on a journey to discover the complexity of the country through the path of one family. The film is entirely composed of fixed long shots and is narrated from the personal point of view of established Chinese director WANG Xiaoshuai. Tracing his ancestors’ movements both on his father and mother’s sides, Wang tracks the history of an ordinary Chinese family over the course of the tumultuous last century. Wang Xiaoshuai is our main character and guide throughout the film. More

Beijing Bicycle - Shiqi Sui De Danche (Flyer)

Beijing Bicycle - Shiqi Sui De Danche (2001)

Beijing today. Guei has left his village behind and has come to the city with great expectations. It takes some time, however, before he finds himself a job as a bicycle courier, earning ten yuan for each trip. Should he manage to collect six hundred yuan, he would be in a position to buy his silver mountain bike – his pride and joy – and become its owner. For this reason, Guei doesn’t ever let the odd complaint from a disgruntled customer get him down. He simply accepts it and concentrates on his work. And Lord knows, it’s hard enough. More